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STX Announces Expanded Agilent Technologies Relationship

STX has partnered with Agilent Technologies for 17 years as a manufacturer’s representative in Virginia and North Carolina. We are pleased to announce that we have now extended that relationship as a Value Added Reseller allowing our Design/Build customers across the US to source, and perhaps finance, their instruments as part of their lab projects. This allows STX to uniquely position our business as the most complete full lab developer - able to provide a "concept to completion" delivery - from design, to construction, to adding a complete infrastructure package.

STX now offers wood lab casework Diversified Woodworks and Sheldon Labs.

STX has recently joined with Diversitfied Woodworks and Sheldon Labs to increase the options available to our client base. This premier brand of wood laboratory casework, complements our metal and polypropylene offerings. Combined with our industry wide selection of fume hoods and biosafety cabinets, epoxy and phenolic resin work surfaces, specialty instrument workstations, modular buildings, mobile labs, and Agilent analytical instruments, STX offers the most complete array of products and technologies for the development of our clients’ labs.

From Our Customers

“My company has worked with Terry and STX on many projects over the years in multiple locations throughout Virginia. Early on we would shop a job with multiple vendors, but STX is our only call now when we need work done in the lab. We’ve used STX for small jobs like single fume hood installation and large jobs like designing and building out entire labs from scratch. They are easy to work with, listen to what we want, and do quality work every time. STX is an easy recommendation for me to make.”

—James G. Senior Vice President, Research and Product Development, Charlottesville, Virginia

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The Analytical Instrument Experts

  • Chromatography, mass spec, atomic and molecular analytical instruments from Agilent Technologies.
  • Elemental and Nitrogen/Protein analyzers from CE Elantech.
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TechVan Mobile Labs

Our mobile labs are designed and built for the field. Each one is custom built to your exact requirements. STX has a strong history of building labs and now we're adding on to that history by building the best mobile labs on the market.

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Custom Lab Design

Are you planning a new lab, a renovation or an expansion?

Give us a shout before you call an architect or a casework company. Odds are we can save you thousands of dollars and deliver a better lab.

We have designed hundreds of labs and know how to make them work for your use while doing it cost effectively. We even offer rental options.

It’s not rocket science… it’s just experience. There’s no pressure, cost or obligation for making talking to us dave. You’ll be glad you did.

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Out of Space?

If you’re are out of lab space and need to expand, a popular solution is a modular lab. Both in-plant modular labs and fully separate lab buildings are cost effective ways to quickly create the space you need without the hassle, expense, and time it takes to construct new facilities. If you only need additional space for a certain amount of time we have rental options. And… there may be tax advantages!

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