laboratory design build, renovation, modular lab, mobile lab, instruments and equipment
laboratory design build, renovation, modular lab, mobile lab, instruments and equipment

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Labs, Offices and Buildings

If you need room to expand, but are out of space, let’s talk about modular options. This is a faster, easier, and more cost effective way to expand your facilities. Whether you want to establish an in-building lab, an in-plant office, or a separate stand along building for any reason, modular can be the way to go. We’ll help you plan it and provide the AutoCadd drawings and engineering specs making sure you are compliant with local codes - then we’ll deliver and install it. There can also be tax advantages over conventional construction.

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In Plant Offices and Buildings

Changes in your business can create demands for in plant space quickly. STX can respond quickly and cost-effectively with modular offices and buildings with unlimited flexibility. We’ve simplified the construction process. Now we can build the same office, room or enclosure that can be built from tradition construction materials.

Total Design Flexibility

Our modular building systems can be configured to work in countless configurations. No matter what your space, we have a modular system to fit your requirements.

Unmatched Selection

With a wide variety of wall panels, windows and doors work with our six modular framing systems. With these and other options we can ensure the success of your building project.

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Modular Cleanrooms

With a large selection of modular cleanroom wall systems, STX can fill the requirements for virtually any type of cleanroom configuration quickly and cost-effectively. With the ability to mix and match components from both cleanroom and in plant office STX can ensure that there is consistency in appearance and functionality.

Our cleanrooms are designed to fit the needs of a multitude of industries. Such as:

  • Specifications of Class 10 to Class 100,000 (ISO 4 to ISO 8) cleanroom environments.
  • Primarily for the microelectronics and nanotech industries
  • Life science and pharmaceutical applications

The post and panel design of our modular cleanroom systems allows for easy expansion and modification. There are a variety of custom and standard panel options, from steel to fiberglass, that integrate with our wall systems.

A few of our custom system highlights are:

  • Air columns
  • Wide variety of wall panels
  • Integrated pass throughs
  • Air showers
  • Wall/Floor coving
  • Wall partitions
  • Standard and custom doors
  • Multiple window styles
  • Integrated air grilles